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DNS at UC Davis

DNS (Domain Name Service) is one of the most vital behind-the-scenes services. It matches hostnames to IP addresses so that users can make a connection to a remote host. If DNS did not exist, you could never telnet to isun.ucdavis.edu, connect to www.ucdavis.edu, or even send mail to a user @ucdavis.edu without knowing the actual IP addresses behind each hostname.

Here is the vital information needed to configure your system to use our DNS servers.

primary server
secondary server
domain name ucdavis.edu

In most cases, the subnet mask will be (or ffffff0). This can no longer be simply stated as the rule since Net 21 utilizes variable subnet masks. If you do not know your subnet mask, contact your departmental LAN administrator, your departmental Technology Support Coordinator (TSC), send mail to network operations (noc@ucdavis.edu) .

Four servers are dedicated to providing DNS service to the campus. These servers are placed strategically on the UC Davis network to provide the fastest possible response to DNS queries. Two servers service off-campus requests, and two service on-campus requests. The addresses listed above are the servers for on-campus requests. Under no circumstances should you ever configure your system to use the servers intended for off-campus use. The off-campus servers are dedicated to DNS lookups which reach campus from the rest of the internet. You will get much better response and create less of a burden on the campus network by using the on-campus servers listed above.