UC Davis Information & Educational Technology

Email Diskusage Policy

Your Email Quota:
Everyone has a soft mail quota of 40 megabytes and a hard quota of 45 megabytes, with a grace period of 4 weeks before mail starts bouncing. What this means is this: once your mail diskusage exceeds 40 megabytes you will be notified upon login to geckomail and via email. You then have 4 weeks to reduce your mail diskusage below 40 megabytes. After those four weeks, if you have not reduced your stored mail below the soft quota, any incoming mail will start bouncing (i.e. you will not be able to receive any more mail). Once your mail is reduced to below the soft quota limit, the 4 week time limit is reset. Note that during this four week period you can still receive mail, up to 45 megabytes.
If your mail diskusage exceeds 45 megabytes at any time, your incoming mail will immediately begin bouncing back to the sender.
What to do about email before you leave the office for an extended period:
See the "Out of Office Email Information," on the UCDavis Email website (http://email.ucdavis.edu).
If you go on vacation or leave the office for an extended period of time, and you receive large amounts of email, there are some things you should do:
  • Unsubscribe or suspend any mailing lists you are subscribed to.
  • If you have access to an account where you are going, have your mail forwarded there.
  • If you have another account with a larger mail quota, have your mail forwarded there, regardless of whether you have access to it or not while you are away.